In order to redirect resources and staff to care for COVID-19 patients, some provider offices may be temporarily closed, relocating services and/or operating under modified hours. Please check with the specific provider for more information.

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Your doctor is your partner in care, so choosing a provider can be the most important decision you make regarding your health care. Our physician look-up tool will help you search our networks' primary care physicians, eye doctors, specialists, and other providers by name, by distance from a specified ZIP code or town, or even by language spoken.

Learn more about physician tiering, quality and cost-efficiency measures.

Note: The provider tiers reflected on this website are effective July 1, 2020 for FY2021. For FY2020 tiering information, please download the GIC FY20 Provider List – Direct Care and Select Care (pdf).

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Behavioral health provider (This link takes you away from the Fallon Health website.)  – Search for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, applied behavior analysis (ABA) providers, mental health facilities and more on Beacon’s website. Enter “fallon” as plan name.

If you are having a mental health or substance abuse disorder crisis, look up crisis teams in your area:   Emergency Service Program providers list (pdf)

Chiropractor (This link takes you away from the Fallon Health website.) Search for a chiropractor.

Dentist (This link takes you away from the Fallon Health website.) Search for routine dental services.

Routine eye exams and optical shops (This link takes you away from the Fallon Health website.) –  A routine eye exam is an examination where an eye doctor checks your vision and your eye health.
To find a vision care specialist who would treat an eye condition or injury, choose "Ophthalmology" in the "Specialist"drop-down menu above.


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