Give your patients the answers!

Prevention, home treatment, and when to call a health professional. How to make wise decisions about tests, medications, and surgeries. How to make lifestyle choices to improve overall health.

Now your patients can have this information, and much more, at their fingertips with Healthwise® Knowledgebase—one of the nation’s leading online resources for helping people become informed about their health and health care in active partnership with their doctors.

It’s free!

Fallon Health is proud to offer all visitors to our Web site free and unlimited access to the Healthwise Knowledgebase.

This comprehensive tool features a user-friendly format, hundreds of helpful illustrations and powerful search functions—all of which increase the usefulness of the in-depth medical content. Highlights include:

  • More than 3,400 topics—health conditions, medical tests and procedures, medications and everyday health and wellness issues—with easy and convenient access
  • Content that is written and reviewed by an expert team of physicians, nurses, medical writers and researchers, and updated as new research is reported. The site has been approved by URAC, the leading health Web site accreditation program.
  • “Decisions Points” that your patients can use to make wise health decisions about tests and treatment options
  • “Actionsets” that give in-depth information and practical tools to help people take action in managing chronic illnesses and gain a sense of control over their health
  • Print the exact information needed in an easy-to-read format.

Spread the word!

Because your patients’ health is important to us, we want to help them make better decisions. This easy-to-use online health resource can assist you in encouraging your patients to optimize their health care. Please share this information with your patients and urge them to check out the Healthwise Knowledgebase today!