How to get your incentive money

Once you’ve searched for and identified a facility that offers the service you need to have, you may be eligible to get cash for your choice.

How to get your incentive and your service

  • To qualify for an incentive reward, you must search for a facility and save your search for each service or procedure within 24 hours of having that service.
  • Contact your doctor to let them know you’d like to have your procedure or service performed at the certain facility.
  • Most procedures and services require prior authorization. Your doctor will need to contact Fallon to receive a new prior authorization for that service/procedure at the facility you plan to go to.
  • If you’re eligible for an incentive, you’ll receive a check from us (marked “Compass.”) within eight weeks of having the procedure/service.


  • Save your search before starting a new search, or leaving the website. If you don’t receive a 12-digit confirmation number, then your search hasn’t been saved and you will not receive an incentive reward.
  • The cost information you get from Fallon SmartShopper does not constitute plan authorization.
  • Your saved search is valid for up to 13 months. For example, if you shop for an MRI in October, but don’t go to any of the low-cost facilities in your saved search until June, you will still get your incentive reward. However, if you need an additional MRI, you would have to start and save a new search to be eligible for another incentive reward.

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