Mike Wilkey

Mike WilkeyTo his coworkers, Mike was a lot of things: a user experience designer, a wicked jokester, a friend. Away from the nine-to-five, he was also a heavy metal and hard rock fan, a musician, and most of all, a devoted husband and a doting father to three gorgeous young children.

Ever the web vanguard, Mike tweeted about his year-long battle with cancer and gained a large following throughout the UX community and beyond. Optimistic, brave and irreverent as always, Mike tweeted when he left the hospital for the last time: "I'm free!"

We lost Mike in August 2009, about halfway though our big web redesign project. Since Mike was Fallon Health's Senior User Experience Designer, this website is very much his baby. We think that his amazing spirit, creativity and intelligence are manifest on every page.

We miss you, Mike. Always.

- Fallon Health's web team, October 25, 2010