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My Healthy Health Plan is a web-based program that has tools to help you meet your health and wellness goals.

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The My Healthy Health Plan website includes:

Health assessment

Health Assessment

The Health Assessment is a health and lifestyle questionnaire that you can complete to get an overall picture of your current health.

Once you finish the assessment, you'll get an individualized report with your overall score, areas in which you’re doing well and areas in which you need improvement. If you're already in great health, terrific! If you could use a little help to get healthier, you can choose to participate in a customized health and wellness plan that may include regular health coaching, wellness workshops, interactive tools and more.

Wellness workshops

Risk Advisor and Wellness Workshops

After you complete the Health Assessment, the Risk Advisor tool will suggest appropriate Wellness Workshops for you based on any risks that you report. The Wellness Workshops are web-based, interactive modules that you can work on at your own pace. Some Wellness Workshop topics include: how to make healthy lifestyle changes, disease prevention, and many more.

Interactive tools and calculators

Interactive tools and calculators

The My Healthy Health Plan website also includes interactive tools such as meal plans, exercise tutorials, cardio/strength training logs and food logs.

Health coaching

Health coaching

You'll have access to personalized health coaching provided by nurses and other health care professionals. Coaching can be either web-based or by phone.


The Healthy Health Plan is available to you upon your health plan anniversary date. Your Fallon Health Schedule of Benefits document, (which you can find by logging into myFallon) will also tell you if you have the program.

At this time, The Healthy Health Plan is not available to our MassHealth, Medicare or NaviCare members. Also, if you're part of a large employer group, your employer may have other wellness programs in place and may have chosen not to participate in this one.