Summer safety tips 

Posted July 16, 2010 by Katie 

Ah, the warm sun, the cool water, the campfires and beach days! Here in Massachusetts, it’s undeniably summer – with weeks of hot and “wicked” humid weather.

But with the fun, comes some reminders to play it safe.

Google “summer safety” and you’ll find pages on pages of safety tips for kids, adults, elderly and pets. But we wanted to be an extra reminder to our readers of the importance of summer safety, and provide you with some “quick hit” safety tidbits.

1. Feelin’ hot, hot, hot

  • Sunscreen is a must, even on overcast days. Apply it at least 30 minutes before going outside. There are also hats and other articles of clothing that have UV-ray protection built right into the fabric. The key is to stay cool but covered.
  • On really hot days, stay in air conditioned places and check on your elderly relatives and neighbors.

2. Hydrate!

  • Keeping hydrated is essential in warm weather. Exercising? Drink two to four glasses of cool, nonalcoholic, no-sugar liquirds (water’s the best!) each hour.

3. Bug off – keep bugs away

The concentration in DEET, an effective ingredient in many bug repellants, may range from less than 10% to more than 30%.

  • Products with 10% DEET only protects for about 30 minutes.
  • Repellant with 30% DEET is safe for children older than 2 months

4. Splash in, safely

  • “Floaties,” those inflatable swimming aids, are meant to keep kids safe, but they won’t save lives. Choose a well-fitted life preserver, and never, ever let children out of your sight when they’re in the water.

5. Flying with kids

  • Taking a family trip? Though safety seats are not required on planes, and kids under 2 can fly free in their parents’ laps, it’s safest to have them fly in their safety seats.

6. Joy ride

  • Simple as this: whether it’s a motorcycle or a Schwinn, wear a helmet.

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