Why am I so tired?

Posted on March 16, 2012

Orange kitten sleeping - photo credit Katie CrommettI've been exhausted since last weekend. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration.  

But since we gained more daylight hours and lost an hour, my sleeping habits have been all off. I don't go to bed until too late and getting up in the morning has been incredibly difficult.

This never seems to be a problem for my kitten, Odie (the cute little guy pictured here).

To sleep, perchance to dream

We (humans, that is) all have trouble sleeping sometimes--whether it's related to time change or not. Depression, chronic insomnia, stress, anxiety or life changes can affect your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Sleep is important for your physical and emotional health. Sleep may help you stay healthy by keeping your immune system strong. Getting enough sleep can help your mood and make you feel less stressed.

Getting your rest

Having trouble sleeping? Here are some tips for coping:

  • Stick to a schedule. Go to bed at the same time every night. Get up at the same time every morning, even if you feel tired.
  • Create a relaxing bedtime routine. You might want to take a warm shower or bath, listen to soothing music, or drink a cup of noncaffeinated tea. Avoid stressful or energizing activities in the evening.
  • Keep a peaceful sleeping area. Creating a quiet, comfortable sleeping area with curtains. Use curtains or blinds to block out light, or an eyemask. Keep the room temperature cool. Move the TV, computer, Smartphones or other distractions out of your bedroom.
  • If you can't sleep, take deep breaths and imagine being in a relaxing place. Or, get up and do a quiet or boring activity until you feel sleepy.
  • During the day, exercise (before 5 p.m.). Get outside in the sun. Avoid caffine or alcohol in the afternoon or early evening bed. Nicotine will also keep you awake.

If you're still having trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor. It may be related to other health issues.

For me, I know it's related to not sticking to a schedule while my internal clock adjusts. But it's not too late to start.

More information from Healthwise Knowledgebase on getting a better night's sleep

Blogged by Katie Crommett (photo by her, too)