Spring has sprung and so have the ticks

Posted on April 29, 2015

Tick season begins in early spring and goes right through the fall months, so it’s important to know the facts to protect yourself and your family.

What you should know about ticks:

  • They are external parasites that attach themselves to the skin of humans and the skin or fur of animals.
  • They can easily transfer to humans.
  • They’re mostly found in wooded and grassy areas where there is a lot of wildlife.
  • Not all ticks carry diseases; the ones that do can cause serious health problems.
  • The spread of infections from ticks is growing across the U.S.—Lyme disease is the most common.

Some basic facts about Lyme disease:

  • Two types of ticks carry Lyme disease: deer ticks and western black-legged ticks.
  • The tick must be attached for at least 36 hours for a human to become infected.
  • Symptoms can begin any time from one day to a month after the bite has occurred.

Fallon covers the antibiotics used in the early stages of Lyme disease. We also cover medications to treat arthritis, a possible effect in later stages of the disease. It’s important to get to the doctor right away if you think you may have Lyme disease. Early treatment is essential to avoid long-term symptoms.

The information written about in this blog is not intended to be medical advice. Please seek care from a medical professional when you have a health concern.