Cute, cuddly & good for your health

Cats Dolce and Gabby Scottish Fold Posted on September 28, 2011 by Kate Dalton-Hoffman

Remember when you told your parents you just HAD to have the puppy you saw at the pet store? What about the kittens your next door neighbors were giving away?

It might have been their cuteness that was calling to you, but studies show that pet dogs and cats are more than just an adorable companion. Pets (like my little friends, Dolce and Gabby, shown above) can significantly improve your health.

The benefits

Owning a furry friend helps to decrease: 

  • blood pressure 
  • cholesterol levels 
  • triglyceride levels 
  • anxiety 
  • pain 
  • loneliness

Alleviating loneliness and stress is especially important for people recovering from heart disease; it’s been found that pet owners who had a heart attack are more likely to survive than those who do not own pets.

In addition to decreasing negative health issues, dogs and cats also help to increase: 

  • opportunities for exercise 
  • opportunities for socialization 
  • relaxation

Walking can be a boring or lonely activity; however, having a companion makes exercise more fun. Also, walking your pet gives you a way to make friends.

Pets are great conversation starters, and they keep many people at ease in social situations.

Bottom line

Training and taking care of a pet might not always be “purrfect,” but the rewards of having a furry friend are worth it!

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