Computers and your eyes

person at a laptop computerPosted on 3/2/2012

Adapted from a Wellness Works article, an FCHP publication

Most of us spend about 8.5 hours a day looking at a screen, whether it’s a computer, TV, smart phone or GPS.

Your eyes can feel the strain of all of the work that they do. When your eyes feel tired, irritated, watery or itchy, or you start having blurred or even double vision, it’s time to take a break from the screen.

Here are some tips from the American Optometric Association to help to minimize your eye discomfort when using the computer:

  • Sit so that you are looking at the monitor straight on.
  • Adjust the screen angle to minimize reflections from overhead lights, desk lamps or other light glare.
  • Use a glare-reduction filter to enhance screen contrast and increase character legibility.
  • Keep the screen brightness the same or brighter than the brightness of other objects in the room. 
  • Wipe off the screen frequently with an anti-static cloth.
  • Take rest breaks every 15 minutes or so. Look away and focus on a distant object for about two minutes.

Is it time to go take your break from the screen?

- Blogged by Katie Crommett

Photo credit, Creative Commons license