Hold the salt for healthy bones

Posted on Nov 1, 2011

table saltAfter age 30, men and women naturally begin to lose bone mass. Losing too much bone mass can lead to osteoporosis. You're probably already aware that calcium helps to build strong bones and may work hard to get enough calcium into your diet.

However, did you know that table salt is a major culprit in depriving your body of calcium? The more salt you eat, the more calcium gets carried away by urine.

"Bone up" on your calcium and vitamin D by making sure you get your regular recommended doses of these two essentials.

One way to get both is to drink fortified milk.

Limiting your intake of salty (and processed) foods not only helps maintain calcium, but also prevents other health conditions related to too much salt.

Try herbs and reduced sodium seasonings as substitutes. Your body will thank you!