Well visits - make them an annual outing!

Posted December 12, 2013
From Healthy Communities, Autumn 2013

Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change, which is one reason annual well visits are so important. If you have children under the age of 21, have they seen their primary care provider for a checkup this year? It’s covered—with no copayment.

Each visit includes a complete physical examination. At this exam, the PCP or nurse will check your child’s growth and development—and can find and treat problems early.

Take the time to talk

Well visits are key times for communication. The PCP will share information about normal development, nutrition, sleep, safety, diseases that are “going around,” and other important topics.

Ask your PCP about the body mass index (BMI) curve, which is the most important tool you can use to identify and prevent childhood obesity. Your PCP may offer nutrition and activity tips.

Make the most of these visits by taking time in advance to write down and bring with you important questions and concerns you have.

Also, you might want to take notes in the office to help you remember the doctor’s answers and instructions after you leave.

Don't forget the teens

FCHP data shows that kids between the ages of 13 and 21 are less likely to get a complete physical exam. A lot of changes are happening in these teen years—and we encourage you to guide teenagers to keep up annual visits with their PCP.

At Fallon Community Health Plan, we understand that regular well visits promote continuity of care and help to build trust and improve communication between parents and their child’s PCP. These partnerships improve the quality of health care.

We’re committed to having your child receive the best health care possible—and well visits help you and us achieve that goal.

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