If you keep moving, you’re bound to be fit  

Posted March 16, 2011 by Katie 

Whether you're winded when you take the stairs or you've got your hopes set on running a 5k this spring, getting fit is an honorable -- and attainable goal -- for most people.

Women biking photo credit BozDoz, Flickr Creative Commons

What is fitness?

Two primary components of health that indicate whether or not you’re fit are:

How do you get fit—and stay fit?

Regular exercise is essential. To develop a successful exercise program, consider these three factors:

  1. Keep it balanced with your life. Set up an exercise program for days and times that blend best with your existing schedule.
  2. Be adaptable. What do you enjoy? Working out at home may be more productive than trying to get to a gym three times a week. Jogging might be more fun than an aerobics class. Add a variety of exercises to keep it “fresh.”
  3. Stick with it. Being fit is a life-long commitment. Try to make it part of your day, like brushing your teeth. The most important thing is to stick with training – and keep moving!

Health and fitness interactive tools

Visit the Healthwise® Knowledgebase for several tools that help you learn more about exercise and your health.


Article adapted from FCHP's Wellness Works Today newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 2
Photo credit: BozDoz

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