Our mission, vision and values

Fallon Health's mission, guiding values and vision for the future direct the way we communicate with you and the benefits we offer. And since we know that being healthy improves quality of life, all of our plans include wellness features.

All in all, Fallon Health is committed to you and the quality of your life—both as a member of the plan and as a member of the community.


Making our communities healthy.


Extraordinary innovation, quality, health care


We support our mission through our values—genuinely held beliefs that guide all of our actions.

The Fallon Health way: We focus on our members, supporting them in being as healthy as they can be at a cost they can reasonably afford.

  • Member driven: We support our members in a caring and compassionate way, advocating for them as they navigate through the complexities of the health care system, and exceeding their expectations for service.
  • Innovative: We anticipate evolving health care needs and create innovative, common sense solutions.
  • Accountable: We set high standards for ourselves focused on our strategic priorities, and we hold ourselves accountable for achieving high-quality results with integrity.
  • Teamwork: We win as a team and perform the best when we work together collaboratively.