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Fallon is proud to partner with the GIC on Centered Care. 

What is Centered Care? 

Centered Care is focused on making sure that you get the right care at the right time from the right provider:

1. Getting the right care…
Centered Care wants to make sure that your doctors have electronic access to your health history, current medical conditions, prescription drugs, appointments, etc. so that you are getting exactly the care you need.

2. At the right time…
The Centered Care initiative strongly believes that you should have access to your providers when you need them. That means you may receive urgent care at night or on the weekends, or that some of your doctors may have off-hour appointments.

3. From the right provider…
Centered Care hinges on your relationship with your Primary Care Provider (PCP), and the work he/she will do to coordinate your care. As a member of Direct Care or Select Care, you already have a PCP who works with you, and his/her circle of providers, to provide the care you need.

Not all providers are designated as Centered Care providers. It takes a certain level of quality and efficiency to meet that standard. 

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