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    How to choose the right home careĀ 

    Posted 08/02/2017 by Fallon Health

    Taking advantage of the home care resources available to your loved one can support your caregiving efforts and help you continue to provide care effectively at home. Find out more about types of home care and how to choose an agency. 

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  • Older couple taking a walk

    After a diagnosis of dementia

    Posted 07/17/2017 by Fallon Health

    Before your loved one’s dementia was diagnosed, you may have interpreted the behavior you saw as inattention or disinterest. Now that you know, you can consider next steps, planning and the best ways to communicate with your loved one.

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  • How to involve family and friends in helping with caregiving

    Posted 06/26/2017 by Fallon Health

    There are many reasons your family and friends may not be providing the help you need. Focus instead on these three ways to ask for help more effectively. 

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  • Avoid caregiver burnout with 4 ways to take care of yourself

    Posted 06/01/2017 by Fallon Health

    When you spend so much of your energy taking care of someone else, it's easy to put off your own needs. But you need to take care of yourself and keep yourself strong, so you can continue doing what you do for your loved one. There are some basic things you can do to ease the stress you feel, and maybe even prevent some of it.

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  • Doctor's laptop and stethoscope

    Helping your loved one find a new provider

    Posted 05/23/2017 by Fallon Health

    There are numerous issues to take into consideration when your loved one needs or wants to change health care providers. As a caregiver, you can help guide your loved one's choice.

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